To Zero Turn or Not to Zero Turn?

To say that Frank is afraid of snakes, is a huge understatement.  I don’t like them either, and avoid them at all cost, but I don’t think about them or look for them when I’m outside just walking around.  Frank, on the other hand, is constantly looking, thinking, talking about, and telling me what I need to be wearing, where I need to be walking and looking, to avoid snakes.  So the first thing that Frank did after we bought Periwinkle Lane, was to ask one of his workers to bring his mower out and  attempt to cut the knee high grass.  We haven’t owned a lawn mower in over 10 years, and have always paid to have our yard mowed.  Frank and I both have really bad allergies, and mowing grass usually sends us into a terrible sinus infection and all that goes with it, and it takes us days to get over.  Our delema here is, that our three lots total almost six acres, of which, we will need to mow about three.  The yard at our last home on Rye St was the size of a Kleenex and  we had it mowed for $35 every two weeks.  Just thinking about how much it would be to pay someone to mow approximately three acres every couple of weeks, made us sick to our stomach.  So, we have started our search for a new lawn mower.

So wouldn’t you know it, while our friend, Bubba, was mowing in the front yard, he saw a snake and it started striking at the tire as he went by and was about to hit his leg, so Bubba decided to jump off and let the snake have the mower.  Bubba then calls Jimmy, who is weed eating, over to ask what kind of snake it is, but before he can ask him, Jimmy almost stepped on the snake.  Jimmy identified the snake as a copperhead and proceeded to weed eat the snake into pieces.  A few days later, Jimmy had two heart attacks.  We hope it wasn’t because of the snake.  Everyone please say a prayer for Jimmy!

Next, our friendly tree guy come out to trim the lower limbs off of the trees and raise the canopy up and improve our view.  Once he was finished, he told us that he made our property value go up and if it had been done prior to us buying it, we would have had to pay a lot more.  When we saw the view afterward and how much better it looked, we agreed.

You have got to love demo day!  It’s like you actually have permission to tear stuff up and get dirty and messy.  We have a lot of stuff to tear up, so our demo day turned into a demo week.

The main entrance of the house was located on the side of the house and another was through a set of double doors on the back of the house through the sunroom.  When you enter the front of the property, and see the house, the first thing noticed is that there is no front door.  We want to have a front door, so after we reworked the floor plan, we had the perfect place picked out for it, and Frank got the honor of slinging the sledge hammer to make way for where it will be installed.  I think he liked knocking that wall down and relieving some frustrations.  Some other changes we are making include, moving a few walls, changing some of the wiring and plumbing, running the electrical underground from the pole to the house and knocking down the well house and filling in the old well and digging a new one.  

And look what was delivered…………

Until next time Happy Mowing!!

Author: mitziemcd

Hello My husband and I bought an old 1950 model fish camp and have been working for the past 4 years transforming it into our forever home. We are now working to build a guest cottage for family and friends to come and visit. We would love for you to follow along and come and visit sometime.

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