It was bound to happen sooner or later. 

Yes, we were THOSE parents that took our kids out to roll yards every year at Halloween.

I don’t remember at what age or exactly who introduced me to rolling yards, but I do know, for many years of my life, I have loved rolling yards or taking our kids out rolling.

There was a time in high school, when a group of us got together to go rolling.  I have never been more scared or laughed more than I did that night. It was an epic night that ended up with all of us almost going to jail.  But thank goodness, the parents of our friend, whose house we had just rolled, came out to tell the police to leave us alone, and that we were just having fun.  Those were cool parents.

When my girls were in elementary school, a parent confronted me about one of my girls rolling her yard. When I told her that I knew about it, and had actually taken her and some friends around to roll yards, she let me have it, and she became even more mad when I started giggling.  I guess I never understood why anyone would get so upset about having their yard rolled.

As our kids got older, Frank and I would load them and their friends up and head out as soon as it got dark. We would do a drive by and check out the target house and determine whether we would drop them off and come back by at a designated time or park somewhere and go with them to help get the job done.

In all of those years, our yard was never rolled, thanks to our dogs.  There were a few times when cars would be creeping along in front of our property, but they were quickly deterred by our dogs barking and nipping at their tires. Our last dog is now 15 and a half years old. He can’t hear thunder and doesn’t see too well either, and spends most of the time inside. So this happened….

It wasn’t anywhere near the rolling job we would have done, but we were impressed that someone actually did it.

Meanwhile, a few loads of gravel and top soil have been delivered and we now have an actual driveway. It changed the whole look of the property and now we don’t have to worry about getting stuck in mud, once the fall weather finally gets here and it starts raining. The lavs were installed on the exterior of the house and the windows have been trimmed out. 

Now the siding is going on and it finally looks like it might be a little lake cottage instead of a prison cell.

I know it’s just a white box right now, but shutters will be added and once the new addition and roof are done, there will also be a covered front porch and columns.

Yesterday, MJ got to try out the new swing.  I think she likes it. Until next time, happy fall y’all!

Author: mitziemcd

Hello My husband and I bought an old 1950 model fish camp and have been working for the past 4 years transforming it into our forever home. We are now working to build a guest cottage for family and friends to come and visit. We would love for you to follow along and come and visit sometime.

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