Making Plans


I don’t know about you, but March is definitely one of my most favorite months, especially this year.  This winter has been very long and very cold, and I am over it.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I do not like the cold, at all!  When it’s cold outside, I am not motivated to do anything, except pile up under a blanket on the couch in front of the fire and have hot chocolate.

From the first sight of buttercups and daffodils pushing up through the dirt, to seeing small buds forming in the tops of the trees and the yellow blooms on forsythia bushes, my heart starts jumping for joy and my mind starts running like crazy.  I start cruising the garden isles at Walmart and websites dealing with planting gardens, all the while knowing deep down inside that I will never get Frank to help me put in a garden, and I will buy fresh vegetables from local farmers again this year.  But that’s ok, today the sun is shining and the birds are singing, and I am going to take a walk outside and soak up some vitamin D!

Not only do I plan yard work, but I also think about what projects I want to get completed on the house this year.  That list is easy for me to come up with and also very long.  As most years, I am hopeful that we will be able to accomplish a lot of work that needs to be done here, but in reality, I am the bottom person on the list, as far as my contractor husband getting the work done.  Frank’s customers come first, and of course, I understand that, but – Happy Wife equals Happy Life!!

Not only am I planning projects for around the house but also for a wedding in October this year.  Our daughter Kasie, and her fiancé Cody, are getting married at Carillon Beach, Florida, and I am planning to have a wedding shower for them here at Periwinkle Lane in September. So momma needs to get some work done around here and I don’t want to put it off until the last minute!!

We had a quick trip down to the beach last weekend to meet with our wedding planner, Clay.  We had so much fun doing tastings and working out details for the reception.  We can’t wait to see it all come together.  When Frank was collecting our luggage at the airport, I went to get keys for our rental car.  The nice guy at the counter said you know for $10 more, I have a red Dodge Challenger with a Hemi under the hood. Of course, I immediately agreed.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to drive and drive fast. When we went out to the lot, I pushed the clicker to see where it was parked.  Frank said “That’s not a Ford Fusion!”.  I said “I will drive that when I’m 85.”  He said “No you won’t!”  I may or may not have punched it a couple of times (or maybe more).  While we were there, we also visited with family and ate lots and lots of seafood.  So much fun and just what we needed!!

Some of my wish list items for Periwinkle Lane are to finish the front driveway entrance and to install gate and opener.  Plant trees, shrubs, and more flowers. Finish metal roof and covered front porch on main house.  Finish building boat dock and install ramp.  Dry in master bedroom, bath, and workout room addition.  Build Frank’s shop on our front lot and put in new road down to boat ramp.  Doesn’t sound like too much, does it??  Oh yeah, and finish out our little shed into a carriage house that will be our guest quarters.  LOL  And, I could totally add a few more items to that list, but I know I am pushing my luck with what I have on it now.  One thing about this Periwinkle Lane project, it has sure taught me to have patience and to enjoy the beauty of what is already here.

We have started the front porch and roof project.  We have planned to cover the front porch from the start, but something was lacking in the over all look of the roof line.  Our little plain box needed a little added character, so we decided to add a fake dormer.  At first we couldn’t agree exactly where it should be.  Poor David had to move it three times before we could make a final decision.  I apologized to him, but he said it knew and expected it would take a few tries before we made up our minds.  He knows us well.  Thanks David for your hard work and patience!!


The past month we have a lot of water here.  It had been raining continuously over several weeks and other areas had bad flooding.  The TVA has been regulating our water levels to help with flooding issues as much as possible.  Meanwhile our area was over the summer pool level and there was a lot of debris floating in the water.  Frank and Michael have already had to clean up our shoreline of all the tree limbs and trash left and the spare tire that floated up.

Well, I will close for now, because I have a lot of things to do too and times a wasting!! And did I mention, the fish are starting to bite!!!!!!!!!  That might put a little wrinkle in all of the work I have planned.  We may just have to hang up the “Gone Fishing” sign. 😉

Until next time, check your tackle box and make sure you have everything you need to catch the big one, and keep smiling.

xoxo – Mitzie