It’s 2021 and I’m back.


I totally skipped over 2020 here on my blog, but unfortunately, as most everyone, I pretty well just got through 2020 day by day, and did the best I could.

I am starting this year with new goals and aspirations. Updating and continuing my blog is one that is important to me and at the top of my list of to dos.  So hopefully, you will follow along with me and share with your friends and family.

I hope you all have not only survived the past year, but like me, have learned what things are most important to living a loving, caring, and healthy life. For me that has meant more time spent with God’s word and in prayer and meditation.  Who doesn’t need a little direction from the Lord in their lives?

In the beginning of the year, I was pretty much obsessed with the news and after a while, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So I have found, that telling Alexia to play some 70’s music, puts me in a great mood and makes me get busy with my day and adds in a few dance sessions.

I already knew this one, but it became really apparent during this time, that our homes are truly our safe spot.  Here is where we feel comfort, love, and safety.  It’s where we rest, share time and food with family and pets, and we can be our true selves.  Making your home a reflection of you and your family’s interest, will bring a loving spirit there that makes everyone that enters feel comfortable, welcome, and at ease.


Facetime has become a necessity.  During this time of quarantine, you didn’t even need to have family that lived out of state to appreciate being able to connect and see their faces.  Who knew when we watched the Jetsons years ago, that one day we would actually be able to use that technology to visit with our families.  Just wow.

When we can feel safe visiting and sharing time with family and friends – it is the BEST!  For a long time in the beginning we stayed home and away from most everyone.  But, I’m not gonna lie, I got over it and visited with family and friends and it was so good to see, hold, and love on those grandbabies. That time apart made me so appreciate any time that I can be with them.

Lastly, but really important, especially now, is our health.  Two years ago, Frank and I made the decision to make our health a priority.  Frank had a health scare, and after consulting with several different doctors, trying every remedy, and taking every medication available, including experimental shots in his legs, he was no better and his immune system was spent.  We finally went to see a nutritionist and changed our diet and started exercising.  I can honestly say that we are now the healthiest and strongest we have been in years, and Frank’s issues have entirely cleared up and he is off his blood pressure meds.  We only take vitamins and supplements now.  I’m not scared of the virus.  It needs to be scared of me!


If you know us, or have followed along in the past, of course you know we have  projects going on.  I always have something in mind that I want to do or needs to be done. There are several projects that we have completed since my last blog post and I will be sharing all the deets and pics starting in my next post. Until then, let’s all make 2021 a good year with a positive mindset and by treating ourselves and everyone else with love, kindness, and respect.


Author: mitziemcd

Hello My husband and I bought an old 1950 model fish camp and have been working for the past 4 years transforming it into our forever home. We are now working to build a guest cottage for family and friends to come and visit. We would love for you to follow along and come and visit sometime.

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