Half way through 2017


Can you believe that half of this year has already passed us by???  I blinked twice and realized that I had not posted to my blog since last year at Christmas time.  What in the world?

Frank and I have made a couple of purchases this year that has added to the fun at our home.  We knew that we wanted a deck boat that was set up for fishing and was big enough for taking family and friends out on the water, and would have enough power and go fast enough to pull a tube or wake boarder.  We searched for several months until we found exactly what we were looking for.  We could not be happier with our purchase and we are spending a lot of our free time on the water instead of working on the house.

Frank’s pride and joy.


My pride and joy is our golden retriever, Cooper.  We picked him from a litter on-line, and went to Carthage, Tennessee, to get him on our anniversary.  He was so tiny and sweet, and is now at almost 8 months, grown into what we call, our mini horse.  He’s a healthy, smart almost 75 pound, wild crazy boy that loves his toys, sticks, and riding on the boat and my jet ski.

We have been able to get some of our projects completed in the house.  The first thing we finished since my last post was the living room fireplace and surrounding bookcases and lighting.  Thanks to the inspiration from Joanna Gaines and the handy work of Jimmy and Frank, my vision became a reality.  I love how it turned out and warmed up the room.  The shelves give me space to display some treasures and pics of our growing family.

Before and After –

liv rm 1

Next, we finished installing the wood floors throughout the rest of the house.  The house did not have a front door, and I wanted our guest to have a view of the water upon first entering into the foyer.  There was a wall added to separate the office from the foyer, and in doing that, the light fixtures needed to be relocated.  This meant covering the old holes, so we came up with the idea of the medallions and trim that we painted black. We also used a couple of the original doors from the house on tracks for the entrance to the office/guest room.

After the floors were installed and the trim painted, I decided that I wanted to add some color.  I went with a deep nautical navy and I love the way it warmed up the office and half bath.

Office 1

office 2

foyer from office

The desk and the vanity in the half bath were both made from slabs of cedar, brought here from South Carolina, from some friends that Frank is building a house for.  They turned out much better than I expected.

office desk

half bath 2

half bath 1

The best thing about this year is the family and friends that have come to visit.  Our hope has always been, to share this place with you and to make many happy memories here.

The next big project is currently underway, so maybe it won’t be so long before I give you the next update.  Here is a hint – Mitzie is finally getting a kitchen!!!  Meanwhile, life is short, so please make the most of every single moment of every single day.

Until next time, keep smiling.  Mitzie

coop on the boat








It’s in the Details

God is an amazing artist and I am so thankful that we are blessed to see this beautiful sunset and I am grateful that we are able to enjoy the beauty that he creates. 

It seems as though I am always decorating or designing something.  If I am not physically putting something together, I am picturing something in my head that would look better than it does at the present time. I can be driving and see a house, and in my head, I am adding shutters, changing paint colors and landscaping, to give it curb appeal with pizzazz.     

Ideas and influences come to me from everywhere. I love to travel and I recently took a couple of small trips, where I was able to get some great ideas. First, I went to Florida to visit my sister Lisa, to surprise her for her 50th birthday. Those of you that know me, know that I am an only child, but God blessed me with a friend that I call my sister over 20 years ago, and even though we live many miles apart, we are close as ever.

While there, I had the opportunity to visit a beautiful central Florida cattle ranch. The ranch is owned by a family that visits a few times a year and celebrates holidays by inviting family to visit and stay in one of the two Flordia cracker houses. Many people do not know that Florida is the second largest cattle state, ranked behind Texas. Florida cowboys are called crackers, from cracking their whips while herding their cattle.  Hence, the houses they live in are called cracker houses. 

Frank and I also took a trip to Texas to visit our daughter Meredith, and to go to the Alabama vs USC football game. Roll Tide. Meredith recently moved to Fort Worth to start her dream job of working at a zoo.  She is a keeper at the Fort Worth Zoo. We are so proud that she is doing so well, and for going after her dreams. We also went down to Waco and visited Magnolia Market, that is owned by Chip and Jo Ann Gaines from the Fixer Upper show on HGTV. 

There were times, I doubted it would ever happen, but the weekend before traveling to Texas, we actually moved to the river house. We slung our clothes and some stuff in the house and then headed to the airport. Even though, we still have a long way to go, we are excited to be here now, and are trying to organize and put away. We have a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room that are mostly finished, and are working to make improvements every day. I love to mix old with new, vintage and modern, and if I had to categorize the style of our house, I would say that it is a modern -farm/lake house – with nautical influence. Here are some of our details…

Until next time…. Keep Smiling. 

Blessings on and in our house.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve found time to write.   During that time, things have been moving along sort of like the tortoise, slow and steady.  But life still happens and you have to make time for family, work, and everything that comes along with it.  

When doing the demo on the house, we found a few boards that a previous owner had written on, when he did renovations to the house.  He had written the date and his name and when the house was built.  I decided that I wanted to write on the interior studs of our walls, not only for people that may remodel in the future to find, but to bless our home and all who live and stay there.  I found bible scriptures that I like and went through the house one evening, wearing out a few pencils.  

A lot of work has been done.  The wiring has been completed, which included moving the old breaker box from the bedroom wall on the front of the house and relocating it to the utility room.  The electric wiring was also installed underground from the electric pole to the house, so we don’t have ugly wires hanging across the front of the house anymore.  The plumbing has all been reworked and finished.  I did have a couple of walls moved and framed up a couple of doors, but nothing major at all.  The insulation has been reinstalled, drywall hung and finished, and footers have been dug and concrete poured for the addition.  But the biggest expense has been digging a new well. The old well was a hand dug well that was only about 26′ deep, which was river water level.  Yes, the previous owner used river water.  I hope to goodness that they didn’t drink it before boiling it.  Ugh!  

Frank called a gentleman that had witched the last well we dug, to ask if he could come and help us out again.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t feeling well, but recommended someone else that also has the gift to witch wells.  Frank gave him a call and he agreed to come out and witch it for us.  A few days later, while Frank and his workers were at the house, one of the guys said “Hey Frank, there’s some ole guy out walking around the yard, holding a stick in the air.”   They all went out to watch him do his work.  He is a very nice gentleman and let them hold onto his stick as he walked around and found the water.  Some of them tried to do it on their own, but they didn’t have the gift.  The gentleman explained that his father had been able to witch wells, and he was one of 13 children, and the only one to have gotten the gift of witching wells.   Some of you may think this is nonsense, but both times we have been successful in hitting very good water, and plenty of it.  Thank goodness, I won’t be making my lemonade with river water!